Terms and Conditions

Kingz Light Letters reserves the right to refuse any and all event rental services at any time.

  • All KLL event rental items & services require a 50% deposit for reservation.

  • There are NO REFUNDS for canceled reservations. Final payment is due NO LESS THAN THREE DAYS BEFORE EVENT DATE.

  • All KLL event rental items will be transported by KLL staff only.

  • ONE event date change is allowed within One Calendar Year.

  • TWO WEEK NOTICE IS REQUIRED for any event date change.

  • The client is responsible to pay ALL costs for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

  • All KLL event rental items must be returned in their original condition at time of delivery.

  • All deliveries are made to the ground/1st floor loading area.

  • Deliveries to alternate floors will incur a surcharge at booking.

  • All KLL rental items must be returned by contracted hours, no later than 1am.